This Is What Winning Looks Like (Full Documentary)

Highlights from the documentary:

    • Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) hide kidnapped prisoners from US Marines in a hole in the wall for later ransom to Taliban. (4:50 – 9:30)
    • Afghan National Police growing marijuana at the Afghan National Police HQ. (13:35)
    • ANSF nodding off on heroin. (19:00)
    • US Marine describing organized crime in the Afghan National Police. (24:00)
    • Hindsight bias in action from US Ambassador James Cunningham; “We’ve always understood, I think, there’s no way to end this insurgency through military means.” (44:30)
    • British Deputy Ambassador Nic Hailey; “If the Taliban choose they want to participate in politics in Afghanistan, if they choose to renounce violence, if they choose to take part in elections, in choosing of peoples’  leaders, then any group that makes those choices can be a part of the settlement here.” (“You’re now open to the Taliban having some say in how the country is run.”) “I think we’ve always been open to the idea that people who want to take part in politics in this country…have a right to take part in politics in this country.” (46:20)
    • Young boys abducted, used as sexual slaves and shot by Afghan National Police commanders. (51:20)

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