Meanwhile, in the “Land of the Free”

This is what happens if you speak past your 3 minute limit at a Town Hall meeting in the United States of America:

The man in the video details his ongoing conflict/persecution at the hands of the board of the Bridgeport Township. This is common in towns, cities and semi-private groups such as homeowner associations (HOAs) in the USA. Of the many restrictions, limitations and permissions that many American homeowners are forced to navigate this man gives a few examples from his own experience with the Bridgeport Township:

  • Stop-work orders.
  • Restrictions on his barbecue grill.
  • Restrictions on his bird feeder.
  • Installing a post in the ground without Township approval.
  • Surveillance on his “ice shanty.”
  • Law enforcement officers blocking his participation at Town Hall meetings.
  • Closed his farming operations.
  • Put restrictions on his ability to go fishing.
  • Removal of the fishing dock he installed.

The fact that the government is able to place so many restrictions — even upon incredibly minor things such as bird feeders — is yet another example of how you do not own your home. You are simply using it with permission from the government. If you pay your taxes and you abide by what the government lets you do then you may continue to reside there. If you do not, well, woe unto you. You most likely will experience what happened to this man.


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