They Protect & Serve You (And The Children, Too)

Philadelphia police officer Edward Sawicki III was charged with assault and making terroristic threats. After backing into a parked vehicle, he brandished a firearm and threatened the occupant of the vehicle. “Nigger, I’ll smoke you,” Sawicki reportedly said, his hand on his weapon. In Henry County, Georgia, a fearful homeowner called the police because a group of young children (approximate age eleven) were building a tree fort. Police officers responded, drawing their weapons and forcing the children to the ground spread eagle. Even the homeowners who made the call were shocked at the use of force and intimidation, showing that awareness of police brutality has begun to cross both class and racial boundaries. The Henry County Police Department has refused to release the name of the officers, but Sgt. Joey Smith has stated that there will be “an investigation.”

In Victoria, British Columbia, four police officers were fired and one resigned after an investigation discovered they were routinely driving drunk, snorting cocaine and having sex with prostitutes. An additional fifty-one officers also faced punishments for misbehavior. Among additional misbehavior included one officer, after being arrested for a separate crime, assaulting the arresting officer in a jail cell, as well as an officer using law enforcement databases to spy on individuals for personal reasons. No names of any of the officers have been released.

In the land of police sex crimes, District Attorney David McDade, of Douglas County, Georgia, has retired. And by retired we mean he was allowed to resign, with pension, after distributing thirty-five copies of videos involving minors having sex. He will be forced to pay a $4,000 fine, has been granted a non-prosecution agreement and the investigation records have been sealed. In Tremonton, Utah, former police officer Jeremy Rose, of the Tremonton Police Department, has been accused of sexually exploiting a minor. He allegedly represented himself as an agent of Brazzers, a popular pornography website, in order to have sex with the child. When Rose was a police officer he was a sexual abuse investigator. Rose now faces multiple sex-crime related felonies.

Former Cleveland Police Officer Gregory Jones has been found guilty of rape and kidnapping. He has yet to be sentenced. Under the pretext of a tour of the city, Jones led the woman to his home and sexually assaulted her. Officer Michael Gerard Stavris II, of Palm Coast, Florida, of the Bunnell Police Department, has been arrested on two counts of child pornography. Starvis is accused of using a fraudulent Facebook page, posing as a 16 year old girl, to acquire pictures of naked male children. Starvis was employed by three other police departments over the course of the past nine years, including as a police officer at the Duval County school system and the Flagler County school system.

Now, for something more light-hearted:

An intoxicated police officer — Kyle James McCartin, of Tuscon, Arizona — pulled out a handgun and waved at at a service clerk. He was wearing a ballistic vest with no shirt. And he was fired. As per his sentence, he will receive 21 … I mean 14 … no, 5 … Actually, he will serve no time. He was so intoxicated, he claims, that he has no memory of the incident.

In Greenbelt, Maryland, former Prince George’s County police officer Sinisa Simic was sentenced to ten years for trafficking cocaine, firearms and extortion. He was among one of many involved in a 2010 organized crime probe that also resulted in the arrests of three additional police officers.

Jeffrey Holzworth, a police officer at the Santa Rosa Junior College, has been found guilty of stealing $250,000 dollars from college parking machines. And Police Officer Matthew Switzer, of Concord, California, has been charged with multiple felonies in a scheme to burglarize prescription drugs. Switzer has also been charged with elder abuse. He is accused of using his authority as a law enforcement officer to enter the homes of senior citizens and steal their prescription medications.

A final article to leave you with: 3 Edison cops charged with planning to punish North Brunswick cop for arresting an associate. Three police offices of Edison, New Jersey — one who has been brought up on charges of firebombing his supervisor’s home —  have been charged in a plan to retaliate against a fourth officer. Their names are Michael Dotro, Victor Aravena, and William Gesell. The retaliation was in response to the fourth officer, unnamed, arresting a fellow boy-in-blue for driving drunk.

If you were ever uncertain that law enforcement is a “gang,” or considered the suggestion to be hyperbole, well, put those uncertainties to rest. In just the last few weeks of news we have seen major felony theft, extortion, sex crimes, reprisals, a drunken cop pulling a pistol in a liquor store, and more. If this is not gang behavior I do not know what is.


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