Officer Stephen Stem Shoots 93-Year-Old Woman

This is Officer Stephen Stem of the Hearne Police Department in Texas:

Officer Stephen Stem

Stephen Stem just killed a 93-year-old woman named Pearlie Golden. He shot her five times. In 2012, Stephen Stem killed a man named Tederalle Satchell. He was cleared by a grand jury. He is currently on paid leave pending investigation — as is standard, your taxes continue to pay him while he does not work.

Justice will not be served in the American criminal injustice system. It will not be served in an internal investigation, nor with a grand jury, nor in criminal trial. As Thomas Paine wrote, while a fugitive from the British Empire; “Where is our redress? – No going to law with nations; cannon are the barristers of crowns; and the sword, not of justice, but of war, decides the suit.”

Where is your redress, America?

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