Burned Baby Not The First

Two new stories from the Washington Post follow the burning of an infant by a police flash grenade. The first noted that the task force responsible for burning infant Bounkham Phonesavanh was the same narcotics task force responsible for the homicide of of Jonathan Ayers in 2009. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) initially cleared the task force of wrongdoing, as did the GBI only two days after the same task force injured infant Phonesavanh.

Jonathan Ayers was not found to be in possession of any drugs, nor were any drugs found in his system. Further, Billy Shane Harrison, the man who shot Ayers, had not passed the required firearms certifications nor was Harrison trained in the use of lethal force. Harrison was not even authorized to make arrests and carry a firearm.

Abigail Ayers, the widow of Jonathan, was awarded 2.4 million USD. The officer who hired Harrison, Edwin Wilson, was fired and charged with a felony. This all despite the GBI’s finding of no wrongdoing.

The second story from the Washington Post highlighted how flash grenades routinely burn down houses, maim innocent bystanders and have even killed children previously.

The family of seven-year-old Aiyana Jones claims that the flash grenade a SWAT officer tossed into her bedroom during a 2010 raid ignited a blanket, which then set the child on fire. She didn’t suffer long. Seconds later, a member of the SWAT team shot her dead.

The article lists two dozen additional cases of individuals wounded by flash grenades.


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