The United Kingdom to Strip Passports of Hooligans

British Union of Fascists Flag

Soon to be the new flag of the United Kingdom? Why not. Fascism by any other name smells just as fascist.

World Cup: Banned England fans to hand in passports

More than 1,400 football hooligans in England will have to hand their passports to police in the coming days to stop them going to the World Cup.

Passports must be surrendered on Monday or Tuesday, ahead of the tournament in Brazil which starts on 12 June.

Police said the rule applied to people convicted of football-related violence and given a banning order including a condition to hand in their passport.

Anyone keeping their passport in breach of an order could face court action.

This is frightening even by statist standards. It is not uncommon for states to deny entry based on criminal history. That alone is bad enough for proponents of open borders. However, it is an even grosser violation of individual autonomy to prevent someone from being able to leave a state.

I am reminded of the statist quip: “If you don’t like it, leave.” In the totalitarian state you are not even allowed to leave.


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