Politicians lie. Police officers lie. Judges lie. Prosecutors lie. Corporate executives, financial manipulators and war profiteers all lie.

The Existence of State Authority Is An Illusion

52.3702, 4.8952

Latitude 52.3702,  Longitude 4.8952

The big lie is not an end in itself. It is not a white lie; yes, you look great in that dress. It is not a moral lie; no, I did not cheat on that test. The lie is not even for personal gain; buy my product. The big lie is institutional. It is the perpetuation of an illusion. The illusion is the authority of the state.

The big lie is repeated in many forms.

The foundation of the lie: the state is the people, consent, social contracts, democracy, republics, voting, elections, constitutions, common law, your rights.

The funding of the lie: corporations, collusion, central banking, currency, debt, interest, mortgages, loans, insurance, wages, taxes, employment, the economy.

The enforcement of the lie: laws, police, government agents, spies, prisons, surveillance, supervision, licenses, identification, borders, uniforms, the military, war.

Who Am I?

My name is Dio Söze. I am a person. I have a typical university degree. I have done research, worked in the fields of criminal justice, in mental health and I have owned my own business. During my life I have made, lost, spent, saved and invested. Luck has allowed me to travel extensively: I have lived in North America, Europe and Asia. I have spent time in fifteen different countries. I have built a family. And, like you, I have been a part of the state.

Latitude 29.5753, Longitude 90.4014

Latitude 29.5753, Longitude 90.4014

My participation in the state has come in many forms. A job here, a passport there. A driving license. A tax. Following a law. Breaking a law. The rules have changed with every move I have made. In France a woman may expose her breasts on the beach. In Morocco she may not. In Morocco tourists visit marijuana plantations. In the United States, a visit to a marijuana plantation may get you life. In the United States a man may buy firearm ammunition, but not heroin. In Switzerland one may receive heroin from the government.

Legal Relativity Exposes The Lie

Latitude 47.2200, Longitude 8.3300

Latitude 47.2200, Longitude 8.3300

Why is a man who resides at latitude 52.3702 and longitude 4.8952 allowed to sell a drug, but the same man at the latitude 1.3521 and longitude 103.8198 may be executed for the exact same act? Why would a man one hundred years ago, in the exact same geographical location, be permitted to do what is prohibited today?

This is the fiction of state authority. It is not an innocuous fiction, but a violent fiction. There is no way to politely say no. You can not opt out. The fiction is global. And the penalty for refusal is death.

If you don’t believe the penalty is death try to opt out. Refuse to pay your taxes. Resist arrest. Defend yourself. The final threat of the state is always a bullet or a cell.

The Solution

The solution is simple and singular: we must kill the state before it kills us.

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