Police Corruption

When The Police Can’t Police the Polcie

What if a police officer witnesses another officer commit an act of brutality? If it were any other individual they would be arrested on the spot. Not so here. When Lieutenant Lawrence Curtis witnessed Officer Matthew Worden brutalize a man and tamper with evidence he had to ask the state’s attorney, Gail Hardy, for a warrant. And Hardy refused. According to Hardy’s rationale, “Worden’s conduct seemed to be aimed at an attempt to restrain Maher who was resisting officers’ attempts to handcuff him, rather than an intention to inflict physical harm.”

Connecticut Police Department Tries to Arrest One of Its Own For Brutality, State’s Attorney Says Nope, Too Complicated

Police in Enfield, Connecticut, were ready to arrest one of their own, Matthew Worden, for punching a suspect when it was “neither necessary nor needed.” They prepared a 7-page arrest warrant where it sounded like the cop’s excuse was that his victim got in the way of his punches, but the state’s attorney in Hartford rejected the application because, well, the incident was too complicated to follow.

Police Caught on Camera: “The only thing I’m going to do is shoot it. I do not like dogs.”

Police officers David Jacquemain and Jeremy Moskwa of the St. Clair Shores Police Department, as well as Animal Control Officer Tom Massey, have been named in a lawsuit alleging that they shot a dog named Lexie fifteen times. Before even approaching the dog one of the police officers was caught on his own dash camera saying: “The only thing I’m going to do is shoot it. I do not like dogs. I don’t do snares. I don’t do dogs. I’ll shoot the <expletive> thing” and “I’m gonna shoot it anyway.”

Jacquemain and Moskwa also told a neighbor that they planned to shoot the dog: “Hey, here is what I’m gonna tell you, if this isn’t your dog, then you don’t care if I shoot it because I’m about to. I’m very close to killing this dog, do you understand what I’m telling you right now? I will kill this dog. So if this is your damn dog, bring it in the house.”

Below in the first video is the dash camera footage. At 2:45 you can hear the officer state, “I don’t do snares, I don’t do dogs. I’ll shoot the fucking thing.” At 5:50 the police contact a neighbor and threaten to shoot the dog.

In the second video, taken by a neighbor, the dog is dragged away by Animal Control after being shot.

You might think that this dog had some type of history, but that is not the case. The police were called because the dog was barking:

Preston’s attorney, Chris Olson, said, “Police responded to a barking dog complaint saying that they were just going to shoot it anyway. Minutes later, they did exactly what they said they would do – they repeatedly shot Lexie in front of my client’s grandfather. Police claim that Lexie charged them. My client’s grandfather immediately refuted the police’s claim. Police then continued their efforts to kill Lexie by shooting her again as she hid in the bushes posing no threat to them. Lexie was alive when she then walked to the animal control van. The necropsy shows that Lexie was shot several more times after she was put into the animal control van. It looks like someone used her for target practice while she was in animal control custody.

Yet another reason to never call the police.

A Few More “Bad Apples” and “Isolated Incidents”

Jeffrey Holzworth Santa Rosa Junior College

Jeffrey Holzworth in handcuffs.

Former Savannah Police Chief Willie Lovett has been indicted on seven felony counts stemming from an illegal gambling operation, including extortion. This was not his first arrest. He allegedly used his position as Police Chief to protect illegal gambling operations from prosecution, including those he ran himself. Sam Carter, a police officer from Boulder, Colorado, has been convicted in the Mapleton elk trial. Carter apparently shot an enormous elk with his service weapon while on duty. He was found guilty on nine counts, four felonies, including attempting to influence a public official and tampering with evidence.

Jeffrey Holzworth, a former police officer with the Santa Rosa Junior College, has been sentenced to four years in prison for stealing approximately 280,000$ from campus parking funds. Yet, this is just a fraction of the 1$ million USD, seized in cash from drug deals, that has been unaccounted for in the San Diego Police Department.

Here is a video of Judge John Murphy of Florida getting into a fist fight with a public defender. An aggravated Murphy said: “If you want to fight lets go out back and I’ll beat your ass.” Off screen Murphy can be heard screaming, “You wanna fuck with me?” Inexplicably, the crowd applauds upon Murphy’s return to the courtroom:

How about Officer Javier Perez of Lakeland, Florida — he attempted to stop a man from filming by falsely reporting that the man was masturbating. Perez called his own department’s hotline, posing as a private individual, to report a “suspicious man” masturbating in his vehicle. Upon investigation it was discovered through a public records request that Perez made the call from his private cellular phone.

Lakeland Police Department Javier Perez

The Lakeland Police Department Class of 2012. Javier Perez is one of the individuals in this photo.

Which one is Perez? Well, we’re not allowed to know. Police officers are a special class:

The Lakeland Police Department bleeped out any references to the officer’s name, claiming they are required to do so by a law.

Naaman Adcock, of the Fort Smith Police Department, resigned after being charged with multiple firearm-related offenses. These arose from an incident where he allegedly pointed his weapon at his 5-year-old stepson, while drunk, and threatened to “blow his Jewish brains out.” Michael Setiawan, former officer with the New York Police Department, has been charged with a hate crime for painting swastikas around twenty different locations in a Jewish neighborhood.

Meanwhile in Detroit two men suspected of impersonating police officers during a robbery turned out to be actual police officers committing a robbery. Both have been arrested, but their names have not been released.

Baby BouWe’ve already covered the concussion device that severely burned an infant during a 50$ methamphetamine bust. Next to this, anything looks good. Even the three police officers who shot a teenager with a BB gun. Gregory Kwiatkowski, Raymond Krug, and Joseph Wendel, of the Buffalo Police Department, have been charged with excessive force and civil rights violations. Krug and Wendel are accused of shooting a teenager while the teen was handcuffed in a police car. The other teens involved also had to seek medical treatment after the police confrontation.

But if you’re a Sheriff’s Deputy at the Lake County Jail, you might only get fired for fatally breaking an inmates neck. Maybe Krug and Wendel would fit in better in Lake County.

Officer Sean Christian, of the New York Police Department’s 104th Precinct, has been accused of downloading nude photographs from an inmate’s phone. Officer John T. McCavitt, of the Peoria Police Department in New Mexico, has been charged with a felony for videotaping a woman in the bathroom without her consent. This was not the first time McCavitt has been charged with a sexual offense — in 2013 he was charged and acquitted of sexual assault. Officer Thomas Tewell was suspended for inappropriate behavior after using a citation to obtain personal information about a woman then sending her inappropriate photographs via Facebook. None of this holds a candle to the anonymous Peel Region, Australian officer — his name also cannot be released due to special legal protection — who faces multiple charges of sexual penetration with a child.

Not to be outdone by the anonymous Australian, former Lieutenant Dennis Mills, of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, has been charged with child rape. It is alleged that he repeatedly raped a young girl, beginning at at the age of 12, over the course of a year.

Dennis Mills - Child Rape

Dennis Mills – Child Rape

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit in New Mexico on behalf of a woman who was sprayed in the vagina with mace by correctional staff as a form of punishment. Blanca Zapater, one of the officers, is accused of spraying the victim in the genitals twice instead of taking the inmate to the medic. Zapater was disciplined, but is still employed at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center.

This is all news from May, but we’re still not finished:

Officer Jed Prisbey of the Ceder City Police Department was charged with driving while intoxicated after leaving the scene of an accident. He was driving a police cruiser. Officer Dave Chin of the Delray Beach Police Department faced a maximum of 25 years in state prison for official misconduct and perjury, related to the romantic misuse of a confidential informant. He was sentenced to six months of home supervision with a tracking device.

Another dog was shot. This time by unnamed Round Rock Police Officers. The dog’s name was Bullet.

Officer Michael Brelo has been indicted for his role in a 2009 shooting which left two unarmed people dead. He allegedly stood on his cruiser and fired downward into the front windshield of the victims vehicle. He then moved across to the hood of the vehicle and continued firing. 137 shots were fired in total. Five additional supervisors have been charged as well: Randolph Daley, Sergeant Patricia Coleman, Sergeant Paul Wilson, Lieutenant Jason Edens and Sergeant Michael Donegan.

Let’s wrap it up with the case of one Darren Rainey, a victim of the Dade Correctional Institution in Miami, Florida. Correctional staff at the Dade Correctional Institution forced this mentally ill prisoner — he defecated in his cell — to shower. The water in the shower was scalding hot. Rainey was left in the scalding shower for one hour. And Rainey died.

That’s a horrible way to die, so contact information is here:

Miami-Dade Police Department (Florida)
Phone: 305-471-1780
Email: Contact List
Facebook: Link

Miami-Dade Medical Examiner
Phone: (305) 545-2400

Humboldt County Deputy Lee Dove’s Extortion Attempt

Sheriff’s Deputy With History Of Misconduct Attempts To Extort $50,000 From Pulled Over Motorist

Lee Dove

Sheriff Sgt. Lee Dov of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department

Transcript from TechDirt of the cruiser’s camera footage:

Deputy Dove: “Well, I’m gonna search that vehicle first, ok?”

Nguyen: “Hey, what’s the reason you’re searching my car?”

Deputy Dove: “Because I’m talking to you … well, no, I don’t have to explain that to you. I’m not going to explain that to you, but I am gonna put my drug dog on that (pointing to money). If my dog alerts, I’m seizing the money. You can try to get it back but you’re not.”

Nguyen: (inaudible) got it in Vegas.”

Deputy Dove: “Good luck proving it. Good luck proving it. You’ll burn it up in attorney fees before we give it back to you.”

This is the same Deputy Lee Dove of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department who has made the news for a violent detention of an individual who refused to produce identification. You can watch a video and transcript here.

Do Correctional Facilities Attract Sadists?

It seems certain professions exist that attract or reject specific personality types. The vegan would avoid employment at the meat processing plant. The guitarist might open a music store. The police officer — and this is being generous — may be attracted to the mythos of public service. But what of the correctional officer, the prison guard? What type of personality is attracted to warehousing human beings?

Daniel Linsinbigler: Victim of Some Evil Shit™

Daniel Linsinbigler, a teenager who smoked a semi-legal, synthetic marijuana alternative known as “spice,” experienced a psychotic break. He stripped naked and proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ. As is typical in the United States, he was treated not as an individual experiencing a temporary form of mental illness. He was a criminal. He was arrested and placed in a correctional facility. This is common. Approximately half of all Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 have been arrested. Thus, Daniel’s story is not unique.

Daniel Linsinbigler

This is a “spit mask.” This, combined with OC spray, killed Daniel Linsinbigler. A 10 pack will cost you (the taxpayer) $60 at “PX:DIRECT Jail Products.”

Sadly, it became unique when Daniel died in the custody and care of the Clay County Jail. He was strapped to a restraint seat and hit with OC spray (aka pepper spray) in the face. A spit mask was placed over Daniel’s head to protect corrections staff from bodily fluids. Daniel died of asphyxiation. His jail house neighbours recounted the story:

According to inmate Linus Farr, who was housed in the cell next door to Daniel Linsinbigler, the teen’s problems began the night before when he asked for a pencil to write with.

Linsinbigler had been in jail for more than a week and, according to Farr, wanted to make a written request to see his attorney. But while deputies apparently gave him the form, they would not give him anything to write with. He was on suicide watch. No pencils allowed.

According to Farr, the guards didn’t just deny Linsinbigler. They mocked him.

“They were all making fun of him,” Farr told investigators with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. “They were calling him a Jesus freak, a God freak … [teasing him] about his religious beliefs: ‘God cant’ help you now. God can’t give you a pencil.”

The teasing, Farr added, caused Linsinbigler to grow “more and more agitated.”

Jail employees didn’t mention teasing in their interviews with investigators from either the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or CCSO Internal Affairs. But all agree that at some point, Linsinbigler’s agitation grew physical. He began kicking and punching his cell door. A later autopsy found only “minor abrasions” on his hands, but officers said they were concerned for his safety.

“We really believed he was going to hurt himself,” Clay County Deputy Rodney Houldson told investigators in a recently concluded Internal Affairs investigation.

So, at about 8:30 that morning, according to all accounts, officers entered his cell, subdued him with pepper spray and strapped him into a restraint chair. The order to use pepper spray, according to officers, came from Sergeant Robert Heaps. Deputy Houldson complied with the order, but told investigators he didn’t agree with it.

“I did not want to even spray this guy,” he told Internal Affairs. “I didn’t need to. I’m a big guy, controlling this guy was not going to be an issue for me at all. He was a fragile guy as it was.”

Immobilized in the chair, with nylon straps tight across his arms, legs and chest, Linsinbigler began to produce a large volume saliva and mucus – a reaction to the pepper spray. To prevent getting contaminated by the fluids, officers covered his head with a nylon and mesh hood – a so-called “spit mask.”

What happened next depends on who’s talking. At least three inmates say Linsinbigler began pleading for help.

According to Farr, in the cell next door, “He started complaining that he was having chest pains: ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, get this hood off. I’m going to behave … Just let me get some air I have to be able to breathe.'”

Inmate John Jarvis, in an adjacent cell, gave a similar account. “He was begging to have [the hood removed], gasping, saying I can’t breath[e].” (Jarvis says one officer responded, “If you can talk, you can breathe.”)

Accounts from corrections officers differ. None recalled hearing Linsinbigler begging for help, though his chair was outside the guard station, in the middle of the cellblock. None of the officers recalled specifically what he said in his final hour. All say he was monitored every 15 minutes, as required by jail policy.

Shortly after 9 am, Linsinbigler stopped yelling and moving. His eyes and mouth hung open, his skin turned ashy gray. Corrections officers removed him from his chair and began CPR. When that failed, they called 911. Despite those efforts, Linsinbigler was unresponsive. He was taken to Orange Park medical center where he was declared dead.

“Sir, they killed that boy,” inmate Jarvis wrote in a letter to the Public Defender’s Office. “He was gasping and begging, stating over and over, ‘I can’t breathe. Roll back the cameras — I only wanted a pencil.'”

Institutional Sadism & Following Orders

Despite monitoring the young man every fifteen minutes, none of the correctional officers had any recollection of Daniel begging for help. But the inmates heard it. Correctional staff allowed Daniel to die. And it all could have been avoided if they would have given him a pencil or, at the very least, had not deliberately gone out of their way to antagonize a mentally ill inmate to the point of making him aggressive.

The fact that they strapped him to a chair, hit him with OC, put a mask on him, and allowed him to die will all be dismissed with hand-waving, pleas of ignorance and assertions of following policy.

Clay County Deputy Rodney Houldson didn’t even want to spray the young man, according to his own word. He simply did it because Sergeant Robert Heaps ordered him to.

Just following orders.

But nothing can excuse the behaviour of those correctional officers — not even within the paradigm of authoritarianism and police apologetics — for deliberately teasing, goading and antagonizing a mentally ill inmate to spark a reaction.

The idiot who simply wants a pay check can become a corrections officer. The bar to entry is low. Unemployment is high. The potential corrections officer may not have an ounce of sadism or malice within. Yet, there are individuals attracted to corrections for the sadistic motive of participating in state-sanctioned abuse.

And don’t mistake it — these are not “a few bad apples.” The very nature of prisons as authoritarian institutions turn normal individuals toward sadistic behaviour. Zimbardo demonstrated that and much more during the Stanford prison experiment.

Associate Medical Examiner Stacey Simons did rule Daniel’s death a homicide. And a lawsuit has been filed implicating Deputy Angel Acosta, Deputy Jared Bludsworth, Deputy Rodney Houldson, Deputy Neal McDade, Deputy Lenvil Senter, Deputy Becky Wolfe, Sgt. Robert Heaps and Capt. Tom Waugh.


Officer Stephen Stem Shoots 93-Year-Old Woman

This is Officer Stephen Stem of the Hearne Police Department in Texas:

Officer Stephen Stem

Stephen Stem just killed a 93-year-old woman named Pearlie Golden. He shot her five times. In 2012, Stephen Stem killed a man named Tederalle Satchell. He was cleared by a grand jury. He is currently on paid leave pending investigation — as is standard, your taxes continue to pay him while he does not work.

Justice will not be served in the American criminal injustice system. It will not be served in an internal investigation, nor with a grand jury, nor in criminal trial. As Thomas Paine wrote, while a fugitive from the British Empire; “Where is our redress? – No going to law with nations; cannon are the barristers of crowns; and the sword, not of justice, but of war, decides the suit.”

Where is your redress, America?

Navy Seal Guilty of Smuggling 10 Kilos of Cocaine into Miami

Exclusive: U.S. Navy SEAL Smuggled 10 Kilos Of Cocaine Into Miami

A Navy SEAL who served in the military for 14 years and worked on covert anti-drug operations has admitted to smuggling 10 kilos of cocaine into the United States, according to records from the federal district court in Miami and a source familiar with his service.

The SEAL, Angel Martinez-Ramos, left active duty in 2010 but continued to deploy on missions as a reservist, court papers say. He had drug paraphernalia, including a money-counting machine and drug-testing equipment, at home, the documents say. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import cocaine and is currently in custody in Miami awaiting sentencing.