American POW Bowe Bergdahl: “The horror that is America is disgusting.”

The bizarre tale of America’s last known POW

Bowe Bergdahl would detail his disillusionment with the Afghanistan campaign in an email to his parents three days before he went missing.

“I am sorry for everything here,” he wrote. “These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid.”

Bergdahl also complained about fellow soldiers. The battalion commander was a “conceited old fool,” he said, and the only “decent” sergeants, planning to leave the platoon “as soon as they can,” told the privates — Bergdahl then among them — “to do the same.”

“I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools,” he concluded. “I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”


This Is What Winning Looks Like (Full Documentary)

Highlights from the documentary:

    • Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) hide kidnapped prisoners from US Marines in a hole in the wall for later ransom to Taliban. (4:50 – 9:30)
    • Afghan National Police growing marijuana at the Afghan National Police HQ. (13:35)
    • ANSF nodding off on heroin. (19:00)
    • US Marine describing organized crime in the Afghan National Police. (24:00)
    • Hindsight bias in action from US Ambassador James Cunningham; “We’ve always understood, I think, there’s no way to end this insurgency through military means.” (44:30)
    • British Deputy Ambassador Nic Hailey; “If the Taliban choose they want to participate in politics in Afghanistan, if they choose to renounce violence, if they choose to take part in elections, in choosing of peoples’  leaders, then any group that makes those choices can be a part of the settlement here.” (“You’re now open to the Taliban having some say in how the country is run.”) “I think we’ve always been open to the idea that people who want to take part in politics in this country…have a right to take part in politics in this country.” (46:20)
    • Young boys abducted, used as sexual slaves and shot by Afghan National Police commanders. (51:20)

Gallup: USA Is World’s Greatest Threat To Peace

The Win/Gallup International End of Year Survey found that the United States of America is viewed overwhelmingly as the greatest threat to world peace. Almost a full quarter of respondents indicated that they viewed the USA as the world’s biggest threat. The sentiment is strong – Pakistan lagged at 8%, China at 6% and North Korea at 5%.

usa worlds greatest threat to peace

Win/Gallup International – USA World’s Greatest Threat to World Peace

Among Americans surveyed, Iran was viewed as the greatest threat to world peace at 20%. Afghanistan came in at second place with 14%, but the United States of America still tied with North Korea for third place at 13%. Yes – as many Americans view their own country as the greatest threat to world peace as they do North Korea.

In response to the question, “If there were no barriers to living in any country of the world, which country would you like to live in?”only 46% of American respondents indicated that they are happy where they are and would prefer to live within the United States of America. To contrast, 70% of respondents in Morocco indicated that they are happy where they are and would prefer to stay in Morocco.

About the End of Year Survey:

The End of Year (EoY)™ survey is one of the longest standing traditions of our Association. This survey is compelling and is undisputedly the world’s first and longest global survey of its kind.

WIN/Gallup International Association’s End of Year survey is a global study that collects the public’s view on the challenges that the world faces today. Ongoing since 1977, WIN/Gallup International has always considered that giving a Voice to the People is one of the responsibilities of market researchers and at the core of the founding philosophy of our Association. The purpose of WIN/Gallup International’s End of Year is revealed in the own words of its founder, Dr. George H. Gallup:

‘If democracy is supposed to be based on the will of the people, then somebody should go out and find out what that will is. The right to speak out vigorously on governmental and corporate policies is one of the most staunchly defended freedoms of the World.’