“Just Doing Their Job” – A Selection of April’s Bad Cops

In the war on Jolly Ranchers, a New York Police Officer arrested a man for being in possession Jolly Ranchers candy, claiming that it was methamphetamine based on his “professional training in the identification of methamphetamine.” He also seemingly lied about doing a field test – he claimed that a chemical-based field test demonstrated that the candy was, in fact, methamphetamine. The NYPD is being sued.

Meanwhile, a Russell County Sheriff’s Deputy, Brandon Williams, has been arrested for trafficking synthetic marijuana. He was allegedly found with 1.5 pounds of the “spice” drug in his home.

A former police officer with the Bloomfield and Genoa City Police Department, Aaron E. Henson, was arrested for stealing cash from the bond box at the Geona City Police Department. And Assistant Sheriff Rick Marshall, a candidate for Sheriff in Nye County, Nevada, has been arrested for stealing campaign signs. The campaign signs, opposing Marshall’s candidacy, bore the slogan, “Anybody But Rick Marshall.” Assistant Sheriff Rick Marshall was charged with conspiracy, theft and resisting arrest. And despite the dishonesty and mud slinging in politics, it turns out that “Anybody But Rick Marshall” may go down in history as the most honest campaign slogan ever.

In a classic example of testilying, a criminal justice colloquialism for institutionalized police perjury, five Illinois police officers have been caught lying on the stand when a video was produced proving their testimony to be false. This is not rare nor an isolated incident. In the words of former New York judge Lorin Duckman; “cops lie all the time.” The case was dismissed. Officer Jim Horn, Officer Vince Morgan, Officer William Pruente, Sgt. James Padar, and Sgt. Theresa Urbanowski have all been named in a lawsuit by the falsely accused. They are all officers with the Chicago narcotics unit.

In Rankin County, Mississippi, Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Smith and his wife were found dead. It is being investigated as a potential murder-suicide. Ten days previous, police officers were called to Smith’s residence for a domestic dispute. Meanwhile, in Toronto, Officer James Forcillo, who was previously charged with second-degree murder, is back on the job.

Officer Nicholas Hogan, from Tukwila, Washington, quit his police job after being targeted in an internal investigation over the use of excessive force, only to be immediately hired by the Snoqualmie Police Department. Hogan, former Tukwila Police Chief David Haynes and a third unnamed officer are all still defendants in an excessive force civil suit. Lesson learned: the door is always open for a bad cop.

In Houston, Texas, officer Marcos Carrion was suspended and faces federal charges for his role in providing a police escort to Mexican drug cartels. He is free on bail. And former Detective Stevie Billups, from Columbus, Ohio, was charged with attempted distribution of heroin, carrying a firearm during a drug-trafficking crime and money laundering. He plead guilty to attempted distribution of heroin and the rest of the charges were dropped. He was formerly a police officer for 22 years.

A former Major of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Eric Spicer, of Beavercreek, Ohio, has been charged with forging documents to obtain an illegal machine gun. He allegedly claimed that the machine gun would be used for “official law enforcement purposes.” Spicer has a sordid history with the Green County Sheriff’s Office. He was terminated after an internal investigation of a dispute where then-Sheriff’s Major Spicer shot and killed a man.

In a case that shuttered the entire Berthoud Police Department, Officer Jeremy Yachik pleaded guilty to abuse of a 15-year-old girl. Court records state that the abuse — nothing short of torture — was severe and occurred for many years, including choking her to unconsciousness, sealing her in a dark room and force-feeding her the notoriously hot peppers known as “ghost peppers.” Despite the severity of the crime, the defence is seeking no jail time and the prosecution has refused to recommend a jail sentence. Meanwhile, in West Sacramento, California, former police officer Sergio Alvarez was found guilty of 18 counts of rape, kidnapping and forced oral sex. Many of these attacks occurred while he was on duty, in uniform and in the back of his own police cruiser.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy John Kamphaus, of Kenton County, Kentucky, has been arrested in a Catch A Predator style sting where he believed he was meeting a 15-year-old girl for sex. He has been a part of the Sheriff’s Office for approximately 15 years. And in Atlanta, Georgia, DeKalb County Sheriff Deputy Keenan Notae was arrested for the rape and aggravated sodomy of a 19-year-old girl.

Three convicted felons with ties to organized crime — former Stone Park Police Chiefs Seymour Sapoznik and former Police Chief Harry Testa, as well as former Mayor Robert Natale — will retain their lucrative pensions despite their felony convictions. They will also retain their seats on the pension board, ensuring that corrupt police officers and politicians are protected regardless of any illegal, unjust or immoral behaviour they engage in. This is not uncommon in law enforcement. Even when police officers are convicted of crimes, many continue to receive pensions after they are terminated.

“Just A Few Bad Apples”

From time to time, I browse articles and save acts of law enforcement abuse. However, this is just a small sample. There are entire websites, such as CopBlock, or forums such as Reddit’s Bad_Cop_No_Donut that chronicle just as many abuses on a daily basis. Thus, it is important to realize that it is not “just a few bad apples.” We’ve seen here that police officers are capable of every type of crime imaginable. Many many be involved in impulsive, petty crime, such as the individual accused of stealing money from the bond box. Others may be deeply entrenched in violent drug cartels, such as the Houston officer accused of trafficking. Many are serious sex criminals. A few, murderers. And, perhaps worst of all, some retain powerful political positions despite previous criminal convictions and ties to the Mafia.

“A few bad apples” is a myth. The apples are not bad. The entire tree is bad. The leaves, the branches, the trunk, the roots — even the soil — is bad. This is not the result of individual officers acting out. It is the result of systemic and institutionalized corruption. The laws excuse and favour law enforcement officers, giving them preferential treatment when accused of a crime. If they are convicted the laws favour them with lenient sentencing.

The problem is not corrupt cops, but a rotten criminal justice system from the leaves to the stem: politicians who make the laws, courts that interpret the laws, prosecutors that bring charges and, finally, police officers who enforce the laws. This is what allows a culture of police corruption to thrive.

Many take a superficial view. They consider it a win if a single police officer is jailed, or if a new law is passed under the guise of “reform.” However, reform is not real. Reform is political jargon used to placate the masses. You cannot reform a system that has never worked. The system must be torn down and replaced by a new one. This is the only way we will ever see an end to the pervasive abuse at the hands of violent men in uniforms.

Criminal Justice Corruption Roundup – March 6

In the land of law enforcement, Alvin Brook, a former Mukwonago, Wisconsin police officer, was fired in 2010 for falsifying field sobriety tests. He also committed a bank robbery in 2010 with his police department issued radio and firearm. Johnny Ray Bridges, a police officer from Detroit, was hit with an assortment of charges involving a dispute where he punched and kicked a woman, as well as fired his weapon into the air. Alec Eugene Taylor, a police officer from Baltimore, strangled his girlfriend’s puppy and sent her a picture of it. The dog defecated on the carpet and Taylor lost control. Narcotics officer Julio M. Cerpa, from Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested for shoplifting a supplement from a gym. And Reginald Wilson, an officer from Whitehouse, New York, was caught with a hidden camera committing a vehicle burglary. This goes to show that police officers are not beyond committing serious, petty and/or impulsive crimes.

In the land of evidence and forensics, Stephen Palmer, a crime lab employee from Anchorage, Alaska, was charged with six felonies including tampering with physical evidence. And Richard T. Callery, the Chief Medical Examiner of Delaware, was suspended due to missing drug evidence. Callery oversees the the state drug lab in Delaware. This should make you question physical evidence on trial. Even if the science is sound, it is susceptible to human corruption. Officer Jeremy Felder, who participated in an illegal search and falsification of paperwork, was also arrested in Lakewood, New Jersey.

In the land of authority and power, Lt. Col. Joseph Morse, a leading prosecutor for sexual assault crimes in the US Army, has been suspended due to allegations that he sexually assaulted a female attorney. This follows the recent sacking of almost 600 US soldiers after a sexual assault review. William Adams, the Texas judge previously suspended for lashing his own daughter, was rejected in the Republican primary. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair admitted guilt on three charges, but will still face further charges surrounding allegations that he forced a female captain to perform oral sex on him. Sinclair could be sentenced to life in prison. And the Michigan Supreme Court will decide if Circuit Judge Bruce Morrow will face discipline for various breaches of conduct.

Following up in the courts and other legal disputes, a former inmate in Warren, Michigan, reached a settlement in a case where her hair was forcibly cut off by a Warren police officer. The officer was fired as a result of the incident. John McClave, a former police officer who was fired for driving his patrol car while drunk, is suing to have his job returned. In his lawsuit he lists additional police corruption as a reason for why his job should be returned; an officer who killed his wife and an officer who sexually assaulted another undercover agent are both still receiving benefits, so he should be allowed to have his job back. Logic, eh? And 16 retired police officers have been arrested for benefits fraud in relation to the September 11 terrorist attacks. This is an additional 16; previously 30 other firefighters and police officers were arrested in a similar investigation.

And in the land of major corruption, seven police officers — including two police chiefs — were arrested in King City, California. At the small King City Police Department, a station of only 17 people, a criminal conspiracy was uncovered. Officers were impounding cars confiscated from poor Hispanics, illegal immigrants and individuals who spoke poor English. They would sell the vehicles for a profit. Chief Bruce Miller, former chief Baldiviez, officer Mario Mottu Sr., officer Jaime Andrade, Sgt. Bobby Carrillo, and Sgt. Mark Baker were among those arrested, along with the brother of Bruce Miller.

This is not even all. We’ve also got the Galveston PD accused of Mardi Gras beatings, Texas police officers stealing signs from the homeless, the drunk Detroit police officer who tried to flee the scene of a crash, and the former police detective now in jail for obstructing a tax fraud case.

How Can the People Be Protected From the Police? (John Whitehead)

“We live in a small, rural town. Moved here in 1961. I don’t remember what year the State Troopers moved a headquarters into our town. Our young people were plagued with tickets for even the smallest offense. Troopers had to get their limits for the month. People make jokes about that, but it has been true. Every kid I knew was getting ticketed for something. But now it is so much worse. I raised my kids to respect police. If they did something wrong and got caught, they deserved it and should take their punishment. But now I have no respect for the police. I feel threatened and fearful of them. They are aggressive and intimidating. They lie and are abusive, and we do not know how to fight them. I am not a minority here, but people are afraid if they speak out they will be targeted. We are just a small town. I just don’t care anymore if they do target me. I am afraid they are going to kill someone.” – letter from a 60-year-old grandmother

How Can the People Be Protected From the Police?

Nonparticipation And Decentralization

Nonparticipation And Decentralization As Primers For Revolution

The nonparticipation principle is best summarized like this: When facing a corrupt system, provide for yourself and your community those necessities that the system cannot or will not. Become independent from establishment-controlled paradigms. If you and your community do this, the system will have one of two choices:

  1. Admit that you do not need them anymore and fade into the fog of history,
  2. Or reveal its tyrannical nature in full and attempt to force you back into dependence.

In either case, you win. You have taken proactive measures to remove yourself as a cog in the machine. The machine can then try to demonize you or attack you. But it will ultimately attack from a place of social and moral weakness, and you will defend from a position of logistical and moral strength.

Stop waiting for the system to change. Change the way you live and survive. Build your own localized systems and walk away.

Citizens Force Cop to Leave Restaurant

manuel ramos killed kelly thomas

Manuel Ramos, the police officer who beat Kelly Thomas to death, forced to leave bar.

This is how you do it. Every time you hear of a police officer who kills a man, shoots a dog or otherwise engages in corruption remember his or her face. Don’t forget their name, where they live or what they look like. If you see them in public, complain. If they enter your bar, force them to leave.

When officers in uniform sit down in your café for coffee an donuts tell them that they are not welcome. No uniforms. No murderers. No state enforcers.

You have the right to refuse service to these individuals. And you have the right to complain to employees, managers and attendants when you see them in public. Shame them from public life. Make it clear that you as individuals will not tolerate these people in your community.

Don’t call the police. Don’t talk to the police. Ostracize anyone involved with law enforcement in any way. Making these people social pariahs, excluding them from public life, is one of the most powerful actions that can be taken to send the message: we will not take this any more.

Cop Who Killed Kelly Thomas Seen in Restaurant, Americans Make Him Leave

Manuel Ramos, the cop seen on video beating Kelly Thomas to death, had to leave a place of business last weekend.

Nationwide outrage was sparked when Ramos and his partner Jay Cicinelli were found “not guilty” of murder, despite beating the mentally ill homeless man to death as he begged for his life.

The action has been met with strong support from thousands across the country.

As a documented murderer and coward, Ramos will certainly face this situation over and over again.

He will be forced to leave establishments, businesses will refuse him service and kick him out, and American citizens will shame him in public.

Many officers commit suicide due to intense stress levels.

“Domestic terrorist.” remarked one commenter.

Another commenter suggested “Maybe he’ll get jumped leaving a place like this someday.”

Bad Cop Report: Jan 2014

Jamaica’s Death Squads

Last year, 258 Jamaicans were shot dead by their own police. That is 39 more than in 2012, and pretty much in line with the yearly average of 262 which the Jamaica Constabulary has notched up since 2007. That gives a rate of 9.5 citizens shot by the police per 100,000 population, each year. Police killings in Jamaica are running at one-third of the overall murder rate for T&T, or twice the overall murder rate for the United States. For young Jamaican males, police bullets are one of the leading causes of death.

Sheriff’s Dept. Hopeful Wishes A ‘Holocaust And Gas Chambers’ On’s Writers And Readers

You’ re a fucking bitch and I hope some cop beats your ass next time you’ re “ protesting” or filming them or whatever. In fact I’ m about to start the training academy for the washoe county sheriffs dept in reno, Nevada and I can’ t wait to deal with punk ass bitches like you. I would beat your fucking liberal ass just for the sheer joy of it.

Man Shot And Killed By Police At Hartfield Traffic Stop

A man was shot and killed by a Hartford police officer early Saturday after exchanging gunfire with officers while attempting to run from a traffic stop, police said.

Mount Pleasant’s top cop, Police Chief Brian Fanelli charged with child pornography

Fanelli, 54, was suspended with pay from his $135,518-a-year job after Department of Homeland Security agents raided his Mahopac home Thursday, seizing two computers. A 10-page complaint charging the 31-year cop with possession of child pornography says the computers contained 126 graphic video and photo files of children as young as 7 engaging in sex acts with adults and other children.

UK Police Warehouse Mentally Ill Children In Police Cells

Hundreds of children in England and Wales suspected of being mentally ill were locked in police cells because officers had nowhere else to take them, the BBC learns.

Florida officer allegedly had sex, didn’t reveal HIV

A police officer in Palm Beach County is facing two felony counts for failing to tell his sexual partners he has the HIV virus. Authorities are looking for more victims.

Omaha Cop Reinstated After Being Fired For Not Reporting Use of Force

The Omaha Police Department said it fired six officers after an incident of police brutality caught on tape went viral. Those cops may be starting to make their way back onto the force.\

Fairfield officer who shot, killed man received scathing evaluations in 2013

The officer who shot and killed a 23-year-old man in Fairfield Saturday received a slew of “unsatisfactory” and “needs improvement” ratings in his most recent performance review.

Miami-Dade wants state to investigate police-involved shootings

The Miami-Dade Police Department should end its long-standing practice of investigating its own police-involved shootings and the deaths of people in custody and turn those over to the state, county Mayor Carlos Gimenez has told the department’s chief.

F.B.I. Audit of Database That Indexes DNA Finds Errors in Profiles

The discoveries, submitted by the New York City medical examiner’s office to a state oversight panel, show that the capacity for human error is ever-present, even when it comes to the analysis of DNA evidence, which can take on an aura of infallibility in court, defense lawyers and scientists said.

History shows officials got favorable treatment in some police stops

That declaration was prompted by the ongoing investigation into how a police supervisor handled an incident involving Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. earlier this month.

DC Police Chief Faces Questions About Officer Integrity

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier asked the City Council on Friday for help ridding her department of officers convicted of crimes, saying that too often, she’s been ordered to rehire officers fired for serious misconduct because of procedural errors in the termination process.

Former Glendale police officer indicted on charges related to drug trafficking

A former Glendale police officer was arrested Thursday on charges related to a cocaine trafficking operation after being indicted by a federal grand jury, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Officer Scott T. Black, 39, of Firestone, turned himself in at the Lakewood Police Department on Thursday. He is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Denver on Friday. Also indicted was Oscar S. Garcia, 35, of Aurora. He was advised in U.S. District Court in Denver on Thursday. Garcia sold cocaine and Black helped him, the federal grand jury said in its Jan. 6 indictment. Black allegedly used his position at the police force to run license plates for Garcia from March 2011 to December 2013.

Panel reinstates Denver cops involved in 2008 “stomping” incident

Cameron Moerman and Luis Rivera were fired for failing to immediately report a third officer, Charles Porter, for stomping the handcuffed teen during his arrest in April 2008. Porter was acquitted of felony assault, but he did not appeal his firing. The other officers were fired in 2010 but were not charged with crimes. The panel’s ruling, announced this week, orders the city to reinstate Moerman and Rivera with back pay but does not necessarily put an end to the labyrinthine disciplinary case. The city plans to appeal the three-member panel’s decision to the full commission, City Attorney Scott Martinez said Thursday. The officers chased the teen, Juan Vasquez, through an alley after they said they saw him drinking a beer on a porch in northwest Denver, according to an account contained in the panel’s order. Once caught, Porter stomped Vasquez repeatedly, leaving him with a lacerated liver, injured kidneys and broken ribs.

Denver sheriff’s deputy arrested for plying teen-age girls with booze

A Denver sheriff’s deputy supplied three teenage girls with alcohol during an overnight visit to the Ameristar casino in Black Hawk, where he filmed them at the pool and lay in bed with them, police wrote in an arrest affidavit. Paul Della Rosa, 52, a 14-year veteran of the department, has been held in the Gilpin County Jail on $10,000 bond since his Tuesday arrest. He has been charged with three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a felony, stemming from the casino visit, which police reports show happened in July. The case came to light in November, when one of the girl’s mothers discovered hundreds of lewd and explicit Facebook and text messages between Della Rosa and her daughter and showed them to a Parker police detective. The detective said they were evidence that Della Rosa was “grooming” the girl for a possible sexual encounter, according to the eight-page affidavit.

D.C. police officer beat his wife, who has a brain tumor, in the head, prosecutors said

A D.C. police officer beat his wife, who has a brain tumor, in the head in an effort to kill her, prosecutors said during a detention hearing in a Prince George’s County courtroom Thursday.

Professors Detail Brutal Tangle With Police

The call was a routine medical emergency, a sick man having a bad reaction to medication. But before it was over, it involved the police and led to the wrongful arrest of a City University of New York professor on the Upper West Side. And it all started with a glass of wine.

Ex-Prince George’s County corrections officer will get 3 years for smuggling contraband

A former Prince George’s County Department of Corrections officer was sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling drugs and other contraband to inmates. Rashaad Jones, 25, pleaded guilty in November to possession with intent to distribute and misconduct in office after a Department of Corrections internal investigation into Jones’s activity, according to county officials.

Connecticut Cop Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison After Arresting Priest for Recording

A New Haven cop who claimed he was in fear for his life when he arrested a priest for video recording him as he bullied an Ecuadorian immigrant in a convenience store was sentenced to 30 months in prison Tuesday, indicating that justice prevails every once in a while.

Police board rejects deal to suspend Chicago cop 60 days in woman’s death

In an unusual move, the Chicago Police Board has rejected a proposed deal under which a police sergeant had agreed to be suspended for 60 days because his gun was used in the shooting death of a Northwest Side woman four years ago. The police board scrapped the deal that police Supt. Garry McCarthy had struck with Sgt. Steven Lesner, instead ordering a full inquiry into the events that led to Catherine Weiland’s death.

Bad Cop, Bad Cop


Ex J’can Cop Indicted [Devon Campbell aka Wilmott Alvin Livingston]

A United States website, the Atlanta-Constitution, is reporting that a former Jamaican police officer who was in the United States illegally and who had managed to obtain citizenship and get a job in the College Park Police Department has been indicted.

Dallas County Judge Arrested For Assault [Carlos Raul Cortez]

The victim says Cortez walked up behind her while she sat on the couch and grabbed her by the hair and throat with both hands, choking her for about 15 minutes.  Police say the woman then told police that Cortez dragged her by the hair to the balcony of their apartment, leaned her over the balcony and continued to choke her.  Investigators say Cortez also told the woman that he was going to kill her.

New Straitsville, Ohio Police Chief Charged with Seven Felonies [Kevin Groves]

Groves has been accused of tampering with records and providing false address information when registering vehicles on two separate occasions, as well as improperly accessing the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway four separate times. OLEG, as the system is commonly called by law enforcement, is used to track criminal history, evidence, missing children, gangs, protection orders and a myriad of other topics to solve and prevent crime. Groves is accused of improperly seeking the background information of four individuals, including Wallace.

MILWAUKEE, WI Officer Sentenced to 2 Years for Forcing Anal Cavity Searches [Michael Vagnini, Jeffrey Dollhopf, Jacob Knight, Brian Kozelek]

Vagnini put his bare hand down the man’s pants, touched his scrotum and inserted fingers into his anus, the complaint says.

“against Michael Vagnini, 25 charges including a sexual assault charge…against Jeffrey Dollhopf, 3 felony counts of misconduct in public office, 1 felony count of false imprisonment, 1 count of being a party to an illegal cavity search, and 1 count of being a party to an illegal strip search…against Jacob Knight, 1 count of misconduct in public office and 1 count of being a party to the crime of an illegal cavity search…against Brian Kozelek, 2 count of misconduct in public office, 1 count of false imprisonment, and 1 count of being a party to the crime of an illegal strip search.”

Ex-Judge in Washington Charged with Child Pornography [John Junke Sr.]

A police report filed in court says child pornography was discovered after Junke took his computer to a store because it was running slowly. Authorities obtained a search warrant for Junke’s home, and the police report says he eventually told officials that he had a long battle with viewing pornography that had spiraled out of control.

Keith Tabron, Former ‘Detective Of The Year,’ Secretly Videotaped Stepdaughter Undressing [Keith Tabron]

A former “Detective of the Year” in Washington D.C. pleaded guilty to secretly taping his adult stepdaughter while she undressed. Metropolitan Police Department detective Keith Tabron, 51, pleaded guilty on Thursday to multiple counts of video surveillance with prurient intent…The victim told investigators she realized she was being spied on when she noticed fresh paint in her bathroom. Upon closer inspection, she found one of the cameras, pointed toward the shower.

Feds Say Ex-Cop Caught On Tape Pondering Who To Kill [Steve Mandell aka Steve Manning]

Mandell — who has done several stretches behind bars since he quit the Chicago Police Department in 1983 and was sentenced to death in 1993 for murder, only to have that conviction eventually overturned on appeal — is due to stand trial in February for a pair of more recent grisly murder plots, including the plot to kill the strip club owner…Mandell, who’s also accused of plotting to extort then kill a businessman in a purpose-built torture chamber in a second but unrelated plot, and of trying to arrange the murder of the feds’ key informant from behind bars since his arrest last year, denies all charges.

Kelly Thomas case: Prosecutors can see private police records [Manuel Ramos, Jay Cicinelli]

Ramos, 39, is charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in Thomas’ death. He is the first uniformed officer in Orange County history to be charged with murder for an on-duty incident. Cicinelli, 42, is charged with involuntary manslaughter and assault under color of authority. Thomas, 37, died July 10, 2011, five days he was tackled to the ground, jolted with a Taser, struck with batons and one of the Tasers and handcuffed and hobbled after a routine questioning became violent.

Denver Police Officer Resigns After Cocaine Allegations [Brian Nevin]

Brian Niven, a member of a Special Crime Attack Team based out of the District 1 station on the northwest side, was suspended in September while internal affairs investigated the allegations. Denver police officials have not provided details about the case, but sources said it involved allegations that Niven used illegal narcotics and was required to take a drug test before he was suspended. Niven’s duties on the SCAT team, an elite group of officers handpicked by their commander to proactively fight crime, often included investigating narcotics activity.

Woman Sues Over Drug Search [Portillo, Herrera]

A New Mexico woman claims in a federal lawsuit that she underwent a brutal and inhumane six-hour full-body cavity search by federal officers that included anal and vaginal probes that made her feel like an “ animal.” The lawsuit names the El Paso County Hospital District’ s Board of Managers, University Medical Center, Drs. Michael Parsa and Christopher Cabanillas, two unknown supervising U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and two other CBP officers only identified by their last names of Portillo and Herrera as defendants. The doctors and the agents could not be reached for comment. According to the lawsuit, the woman was first frisked and strip-searched at the port of entry, where officers stuck their fingers inside her rectum and vagina. When that search came up negative, she was taken to University Medical Center.

New Mexico Woman Sues Correctional Officer for Pepper Spraying Her Genitals [Blanca Zapater]

Marlene Tapia was taken to a detention center in Bernalillo County when corrections officer Blanca Zapater reportedly ‘observed a plastic baggie protruding from Ms. Tapia’s vagina.’ But instead of asking her to remove it, she alleges Zapater began spraying a chemical agent on her that left her with ‘burning, swollen genitals, painful urination, and pain and burning on her face.’

Essex Police officer resigns after crash ‘fraud’ claim [Nick Alston]

A police officer has resigned from the Essex force after allegedly submitting a fraudulent compensation claim for injuries sustained in a road crash.

D.C. Police Officer Accused of Running Prostitution Ring

The unnamed suspect is the second 7th District MPD officer to be charged this week. On Tuesday, Ofc. Mark Washington was charged with producing child pornography on allegations that he took naked photos of a 15-year-old girl who had been reported missing.

Police officer who shot at minivan full of children FIRED following internal investigation [Elias Montoya]

The New Mexico State Police officer who fired shots at a minivan full of children during a chaotic October traffic stop has been fired as its revealed that he was a mentor in a nonviolence program.

Drunk sheriff’s officer pulls over and punches driver in road rage incident [William G. McLean]

A sergeant with the Middlesex, MA Sheriff’s office is facing charges after he pulled over, frisked and attacked another driver while off duty and under the influence of alcohol. According to the Lowell Sun, William G. McLean, 54, was charged in Lowell District Court with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, assault and battery and violation of traffic lights.

Judge Weighs Restitution in Inmate Beating Death [Michael Smith, Matthew Davidson, Scottie Glenn, Joseph Sanders]

Friday’s restitution hearing was for former Ventress supervisor Michael Smith and former guards Matthew Davidson and Scottie Glenn. Smith was convicted of violating Mack’s rights by fatally beating him and obstructing justice. He is serving a 30-year sentence and was escorted into court Friday wearing a white prison uniform with his hands shackled to his waist. Davidson pleaded guilty to violating Mack’s rights and obstructing justice. He got a seven-year sentence. Glenn pleaded guilty to violating Mack’s civil rights and conspiracy. He got a five-year sentence. He and Davidson are scheduled to report to prison after Christmas. A fourth former guard, Joseph Sanders, pleaded guilty to obstructing justice by trying to cover up the beating. He was not included in Friday’s hearing because he was not convicted of violating Mack’s rights. Sanders was sentenced to five years.

Sex Accusations Against Two Officers Tarnish Entire Department [Marc L. Washington]

News of the allegation broke publicly as another D.C. police officer was in U.S. District Court facing a federal charge of producing child pornography. Marc L. Washington, 32, was arrested Monday on allegations that he took pictures of a semi-nude 15-year-old who had run away from home. Authorities said it does not appear that the cases are related, but the specter of having two officers from the 7th District station house in Southeast Washington investigated on crimes linked to sexual abuse of minors has shaken the 4,000-member department. D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said the department “is very concerned about the recent allegations of egregious conduct.”

Probation Officer Arrested in Chandler Prostitution Sting [Adam Justin Munoz].

Adam Justin Munoz, 30, was arrested on Wednesday and accused of receiving earnings of a prostitute, control of an illegal enterprise, and maintaining a house of prostitution, according to court records. Police arrested Munoz after they say they used a “confidential informant’’ to arrange two messages in which the informant and police officer “verbally pretended’’ to engage in a sex act, according to the court record. In a third instance, an undercover officer met with a female therapist employed by Munoz. The therapist “got naked’’ and offered the officer a different sex act for $200, the documents said. The therapist was arrested immediately “and confessed to working for Munoz’s illegal massage operation.’’

Ex-Chicago Police Lieutenant Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud [Erroll Davis]

A former Chicago Police lieutenant pleaded guilty to tax fraud Thursday under a deal with prosecutors that likely spells bad news for his two high-profile alleged co-conspirators. Erroll Davis, 52 — who quit his 27-year police career when he was indicted just two weeks ago — choked up in federal court as he admitted he’d failed to pay taxes on a $30,000 payoff he accepted to help a pal get her hands on an illegal property loan.

Ex-Berthoud Cop Yachik Pleads Not Guilty [Jeremy Yachik]

Yachik was originally arrested Oct. 23, and the affidavit for the warrant for his arrest alleges that Yachik is the man in a now semi-viral video of an adult beating a young girl for eating carrots. During two forensic interviews, the girl in the video alleged that she endured daily abuse from Yachik, which she said included choking, beating with ropes, force-feeding of ghost pepper sauce and handcuffing. The affidavit said that Yachik confirmed the allegations were true, and also identified himself as the man in the video.

Chicago Cop Charged in Mortgage-Fraud Scheme [Darius Thompson]

Darius Thompson, 32, of Chicago, was charged with multiple counts of felony theft, loan fraud, money-laundering, wire fraud and forgery for his alleged role in a plot to falsify mortgage applications during his previous employment as a loan processor and originator.

Texas Cop Accused of Handcuffing and Raping Teen at Traffic Stop [Jackie Len Neal]

Jackie Len Neal, 40, was arrested on the charge of felony sexual assault on Saturday, November 23. Neal is accused of tailing a woman while on duty around 2 a.m. on Friday, pulling her over, handcuffing her, and raping her in the back of his police vehicle. “I can’ t express in words how disappointed and angry I am about this,” said Police Chief William McManus to the San Antonio Express-News. “I am at a loss for words. I am outraged. This is a punch in the eye to the Police Department.” McManus added that this isn’t the first time Neal has been accused of sexual misconduct, and a woman made a similar complaint against the officer years ago. She declined to cooperate with police on an investigation, however, and the case did not move forward.

San Jose Cop Charged With Issuing Phony Tickets Against Lawsuit Foe [George Chavez]

George Chavez, 51, faces three felony counts of false personation exposing the victim to liability, and three felony counts of filing a false police report. The 23-year police veteran surrendered to authorities Tuesday night, and was freed after posting $60,000 bail. Authorities say that on Oct. 28, Chavez used his police computer to look up a Texas man he sued in 2008 after a local car accident, as well as the attorney from the Sacramento-area he hired to file the corresponding civil suit. He then purportedly used that data to write up one traffic ticket and two tickets for illegally parking in a handicapped zone, forging the signatures of the Texas man, the attorney and two other police officers on the citations.

Former Longmont Cop Pleads Guilty in Sex Case [Christopher Martinchick]

A former Longmont police officer pleaded guilty to sex offenses in 8th Judicial District Court on Tuesday. Christopher Martinchick, 43, was arrested in July as part of a Larimer County Sheriff’s Office investigation into a reported sexual assault in Loveland. The adult female victim told police that on two separate occasions, Martinchick engaged in sexual activity with her while she was sleeping and under the influence of a prescribed muscle relaxant, according to court documents.

Georgia Deputy Sheriff Suspended After Dressing In Blackface [Chad Palmer]

Chad Palmer, a 15-year veteran of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, allegedly told people at the private party that he was dressed as a Camden County inmate, and he was “picking cotton” in the photo, First Coast News reported. Palmer’s face and arms are painted in the photo, and he is wearing “jailbird” stripes. The racist photo was shared thousands of times on social media, where it sparked outrage and led to a disciplinary hearing. Finally, on Wednesday, Palmer was suspended without pay.

Detroit Police Charge Two Of Their Own With Crimes [Devon Payton]

Officer Devon Payton, left, who has been with the department for five years, was arraigned Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to operate a chop shop and a conspiracy charge of receiving and concealing stolen property/motor vehicle, police said. Also facing charges in a separate matter is 56-year-old James Kerns, right, a 10-year employee of the city, who police say tried to make an officer pay for medical records.

Mexican Officials Say Ex-Texas Cop Led Kidnap Gang [Luís Ricardo González García aka Javier Aguirre Cardenas]

Mexican authorities say a U.S. citizen who reportedly once served in the U.S. Navy and was a police officer in Texas has been detained in northern Mexico for allegedly heading a violent kidnapping ring. Nuevo León state security spokesman Jorge Domene said Monday that the man – known as both Luís Ricardo González García and Javier Aguirre Cardenas – and 15 of his alleged accomplices were detained last week. They allegedly kidnapped people in the Mexican states of Nuevo León, Coahuila and Tamaulipas over the past four years.

Cop Accused of Stealing $20k from Elderly Man With Dementia [John Wasilenko]

An Elmwood Park police sergeant has been relieved of his police duties amid allegations he forged a $20,000 check from an elderly man with dementia, the Sun-Times is reporting. Although no criminal charges have been filed, Sgt. John Wasilenko has been put on administrative leave, pending the investigation after being named in a citation to discover assets filed Dec. 20 by Cook County Public Guardian Robert F. Harris. During the investigation, the 85-year-old victim admitted he gave about $2,000 in cash to Wasilenko, but couldn’t remember when. He said Wasilenko “protected” him from “a lot of bad guys and politicians in Elmwood Park.” He said he was giving Wasilenko money for a trip and was supposed to give him $6,000 over the next couple years, the citation said. In an independent medical evaluation conducted in March, a doctor noted the man suffered from dementia with very significant cognitive deficits and was “totally incapable of making person and financial decisions.”

Savannah Deputy Jailed in Wider Molestation Probe [Richard Adam “Rick” Hall]

Prosecutors told a judge on Friday that a 2008 allegation of aggravated child molestation against Chatham County Sheriff’s Deputy Lt. Richard Adam “Rick” Hall was just “the tip of the iceberg.” “We are just scratching the surface,” Assistant District Attorney Emily Puhala told Chatham County Superior Court Judge Timothy R. Walmsley during a bond hearing held in chambers. Hall, 52, was arrested at his Wilmington Island home Dec. 20 on a charge of aggravated child molestation of a male, now 17, that allegedly occurred in April/May 2008. The victim was 12 at the time.