Deputy Tyler Brockman

Witness: Kentucky Deputy Tyler Brockman Jumped On Car, Shot Woman Through Windshield (Plus Cruiser Video)

Witness: Kentucky Cop Jumped On Hood of Car, Shot, Killed Teen Girl Through Windshield – Dashcam Footage Released

Chelsey Pendleton, 20, who was in the back seat of Ramsey’s car told the Cincinnati Enquirer that Brockman wasn’t hit and instead, he jumped onto the car and opened fire.

“The cop was in the wrong. I was there. I was in the back seat,” she said. “That was unnecessary force. He had no right to do that.”

Pendleton also said Brockman shot first, striking Ramsey thus causing her to speed up. “That was dead body weight on the gas pedal after she was shot.”

Ramsey’s family and friends are outraged and others have accused Brockman of using excessive force.

“Any other human would have been put in jail for that,” friend Gunnar Buemi said at an emotionally charged vigil held in Ramsey’s honor at the shooting site Sunday.

The Cincinnati Enquirer gave an update that appears to vindicate Ramsey and bring the policeman’s story into question. Although you cannot see the shooting on video, the officer is clearly on the side of the vehicle and not in front of it as he claimed. He may have placed himself in front of the vehicle in an attempt to stop Ramsey, which would explain witness Chelsey Pendleton’s account of the officer jumping onto the hood of the car and opening fire.

Tyler Brockman has been placed on administrative leave. If anyone who was not a police officer did this, or the recent police shooting of an unarmed man in the back, they would be charged with murder.

This is beyond mere corruption. It is a symptom of law enforcement as a distinct social class within society. We tend to think of class as economic and, in the regular state, class is largely economic. However, in the police state a form of social currency develops around institutionalized power. And just as the corporatist exploits the state for financial privilege, the enforcement class is also able to manipulate the system for legal privilege.