John Zerzan

Blown Away: Guns & “Random” Mass Shootings – An Interview With John Zerzan

John Zerzan Oil PaintingThis caught my eye after my recent analysis of Justin Bourque in Moncton and Jared & Amanda Miller in Las Vegas, who all targeted police officers:

PE: Ever since Chris Dorner opened fire killing a couple cops, more people are beginning to target the police. As an anarchist, what do you make of this? Zerzan: Police brutality and the militarization of the cops seems to be increasing. So, not a big surprise that more folks would strike back.

Much focus has been on the moral implications of violence or on violence from a tactical perspective. But we overlook what Zerzan saw: with an increase in brutality and militarization we must expect more events akin to Dorner, to Bourque, or the Millers in the future. As more people are abused by the police — not by “a few bad apples” but policing as an institution — we should not be shocked that some portion of those people will respond violently.

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