Cop Shoots Dead an Unarmed, Tased and Subdued Teen

Cop Shoots Dead an Unarmed, Tased and Subdued Teen, “We don’t have time for this” Bang!

Police responded to his house after Vidal, who according to parents, is schizophrenic, picked up a screw driver and refused to put it down.

Mark Wilsey Sr., Kieth’s father, told reporters, two responding officers were able to calm Vidal before another officer walked into the family’s home.

It was when the third officer walked in that the 90-pound teen was stunned with a Tazer and fell to the floor.

According to Antohony Owens, a family friend, Vidal Collapsed backwards on to the floor the two officers jumped on top of the 5ft 3 100 lb Vidal to restrain him.

As Vidal’s Father tried to step in and grab the screw driver the Southport Police Officer that had instructed the other officers to use their tasers, moved between the father and the pile of people on the floor and said “We don’t have time for this” and shot Vidal Once in the chest as the other two Officers held him on the floor.

Vidal’s father then grabbed the officer as he was lining himself up for another shot.

And this from WECT:

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WECT) – For the first time since an officer shot and killed a teenager in Boiling Spring Lakes over the weekend, we are getting the perspective from the officers’ point of view. The information comes from the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, which is representing two of the officers.

The NCPBA says it has assigned local counsel for both Boiling Spring Lakes Officer John Thomas and Detective Bryon Vassey from the Southport Police Department after Sunday’s incident. Vassey is currently on paid administrative leave with Southport.

On Sunday, Keith Vidal’s parents called police for help after they say the 18-year-old was suffering from a schizophrenic episode and was carrying a screwdriver in his hand. At the scene, Vidal’s stepfather Mark Wilsey said an officer shot and killed his son after a confrontation at their home on President Drive.

This is how police unions and fraternal organizations manipulate the law in favour of the law enforcement class. Not only are law enforcement officers rarely investigated as a criminal suspect would be, but they are given the benefit of the doubt and put on paid leave.

The Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief has cleared his officers of any wrong doing at the scene. Chief Brad Shirley says an internal review shows his officers did not break any laws. They responded to help Vidal’s family, during what they called a schizophrenic episode.

And there you have it. Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Brad Shirley has declared that his officers did no wrong. Thus, they did no wrong. There will be no charges filed, no criminal trial and no accountability. There is now a class of individuals who are effectively above the law.


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